Our Mission

The Clean Energy Business Council will expand opportunities for business access to wind, solar, geothermal and waste-heat recovery systems and energy efficiency in Kansas and the Greater Kansas City Metro.

Member Guided

A member-guided network of professionals interested in renewable energy and energy efficiency as practical business solutions, Council members share resources, tools and knowledge to promote clean energy policies and innovative business practices through monthly networking events, company tours and educational opportunities. Members will be highlighted and recognized through awards, newsletters, and during an annual conference.

Clean Energy Market Growth: Reducing Policy Barriers to Drive Innovation

The time is ripe for clean energy investments in this region; the costs of all renewable energy technologies continue to decline, while the risks and uncertainties of our business-as-usual energy path increase every year. Unfortunately, certain rules and policies stand in the way of market growth. The Clean Energy Business Council will create greater competition in the energy market and clear the way for homegrown renewable energy development while providing energy efficiency opportunities in Kansas and the Greater Kansas City Metro. Access to policy and regulatory expertise will help to change the rules and policies, making it easier for businesses to access renewables and energy efficiency.

In today's clean energy economy, businesses want greater choice when selecting energy suppliers to meet their business and public goals. They want cost competitive rates for renewable energy that accurately reflect the comprehensive costs and benefits to the system including long term supply arrangements with utilities. Businesses want access to long-term fixed prices to avoid fuel price volatility as well as the ability to drive new projects beyond business as usual. In order to meet their renewable energy goals, businesses want streamlined financing options including power purchase agreements.

Any one of these solutions may seem insurmountable in Kansas and the Greater KC Metro, however, businesses working together as members of the Clean Energy Business Council, can open up the market and drive innovation during the transition to a clean energy economy.