BioStar Renewables

BioStar is a renewable energy firm providing turnkey solutions that both reduce and produce energy across the nation. BioStar manages the design, financing, installation and maintenance of sustainable energy production & storage projects including solar, biomass & natural gas. BioStar combines this with their expertise in energy reduction, LED lighting upgrades, mechanical equipment improvements, and controls automation. BioStar finances and guarantees a return on investment!

The parent company for the BioStar family that provides sustainable energy related solutions and financing expertise, BioStar has been a lead equity investor, or an equity participant, in over a dozen transactions valued at $100+ million dollars.

The BioStar family of companies:

  • BioStar Organics, a waste remediation and biogas company, utilizes patented waste-to-energy technology to transform agricultural waste and other types of organic waste into renewable energy and high-quality organic fertilizer.
  • BioStar Solar is a full service solar development company with extensive experience to build, own and operate customized turnkey solar solutions.
  • BioStar Lighting is an LED lighting company providing turnkey LED lighting and controls solutions and other facility energy-saving measures which reduce energy consumption. Financing allows projects to be cash flow positive at the flip of a switch.

BioStar Renewables recognizes the importance of CEBC’s mission to advance the Kansas clean energy economy with an informed, collaborative approach. BioStar is thrilled to join this network of stakeholders and companies with the initiative to work together to improve the way we secure and provide sustainable & renewable energy for the decades ahead.

Stanion Wholesale Electric Co.

Stanion Wholesale Electric Co. is an independent wholesale electric distributor serving the state of Kansas and the surrounding states. Stanion was founded in June of 1961. The company operates 16 branch locations in Kansas and one in Liberty, MO and maintains its headquarters in Pratt, KS. Stanion has a knowledgeable team of technical specialists: Clean Energy, Lighting, Industrial Automation, Utility, Switchgear and Distribution Equipment and Datacom. Stanion proudly represents hundreds of quality manufacturers, introducing new products and technologies to the homes, businesses, farms and factories of Kansas. Stanion is an active member of a number of national associations like the National Association of Electrical Distributors, and Affiliated Distributors.

As a legacy company in the State of Kansas, Stanion is invested in the conservation of Kansas’ natural resources and the prosperity of our economy. By supporting the Clean Energy Business Council, we hope to help Kansas compete on a national and international level, to attract new businesses, job opportunities and tax revenues by helping to shape common sense policies that support energy efficiency and expand the availability of clean energy resources for generations to come.