The Future of Energy Efficiency Webinar (hosted by Oracle Utilities and FirstFuel)

The Future of Energy Efficiency Webinar (hosted by Oracle Utilities and FirstFuel)

Posted on: 01-26-2017

Experts from Oracle Utilities and FirstFuel share their outlooks on what the future of Energy Efficiency holds:

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The Future of Energy Efficiency Is In the Data | Brian Bowen | FirstFuel

With companies like Netflix, Uber, and Amazon delivering fast, customized solutions to customers' fingertips, today's consumers demand personalized, digital platforms in the palm of their hand. And each year, more customers expect the same level of service from their electric power provider. Energy data from smart meters, which now serve nearly half of Kansas' electric customers, can help customers navigate energy efficiency programs and understand ways to save better than ever. In this session, learn how utilities in Kansas and beyond are helping customers make informed choices about energy efficiency.


The Future of Energy Efficiency is in Engagement | Matt O’Keefe | Oracle Utilities

Demand side management is changing fast, and expectations have never been higher for utilities to drive energy efficiency savings while laying the groundwork for a more engaged customer base. While leading states have created policy frameworks where everyone can benefit from investments in DSM, deeper customer participation and engagement will be necessary for the low-carbon, distributed utility of the future. This requires deliberate and efficient efforts to transition passive ratepayers into engaged customers. Hear about how today’s most successful utilities are using new program approaches and technology to help turn ratepayers into more engaged customers.


About our Presenters 

Brian Bowen is Regulatory Affairs Manager for FirstFuel Software. FirstFuel works with more than 30 utilities on C&I energy efficiency and customer engagement programs. Before coming to FirstFuel, Brian worked in the demand response, smart home, and community solar sectors. He lives in Chicago.

Matt O’Keefe serves as the Director, Market Development and Regulatory Affairs, Western North America at Oracle Utilities (Formerly Opower). Oracle provides best-in-class technology and software solutions to improve reliability, service, and safety for electricity, natural gas, and water utilities worldwide. Prior to joining Opower, Matt worked in various roles at the intersection of technology, government, economic development, and the environment.