Kansas Communities Energy Future Forum


WSU Tech, 4004 N. Webb Road
Wichita, KS 67226

Kansas Communities Energy Future Forum

Posted on: 03-28-2019

Join members of city councils, county commissions, the Kansas State Legislature, CEBC members, and clean energy experts for an in-depth day discussing the state's energy future. We will cover how to prepare for the advances in transportation, diversifying our centralized and decentralized energy sources, advancing best practices in smart commercial, public, and residential building, and creating new jobs through renewable and energy efficiency sectors.


We will finish the day tying it all together through a discussion of how to draft comprehensive & effective energy plans at the community, county, and state levels. The vision of these plans will be to ensure energy affordability, smart infrastructure and job creation.


You won't want to miss this broad, visionary, and informative dialogue!